Hodaka Hasebe – Rochester, New York / new work

I was born and grew up in Tokyo, and have lived in Rochester, N.Y. since 1989 when I started potting. I worked as a market researcher and was involved with many products; foods, soft drinks, magazine, camera and so on. I learned the importance of making good products.

Why pottery? A potter, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

I dreamed of being one for a long time. I was once told not touch clay because it attracts people mysteriously, later days of Picasso, for instance. When I married and moved here, my dream was realized with my wife’s warmest support. I have had no formal pottery training except a pottery club during my university days, when I became possessed by the clay.

I love making pottery, especially functional; I call it “Zakki (a bunch of pots)”. My pots are designed to be simple, easy to handle, and go with any kind of foods at a reasonable price for you to use everyday. Japanese use many different kinds of dishes, colors and shapes, to decorate a meal and a table. Next time you cook or serve a meal, please imagine which dish sets off (cheers up) your meal.

~Hodaka Hasebe

Nanette Bergevin – Jordan, New York

Nanette Bergevin works mainly in stoneware but also works in terra cotta.  In her studio, her vessels have a pristine elegance and a wide range of art historical associations.  ” i can’t just crank out bowls for money.  I spend a lot of time which each piece, because my feeling is that I’m making art, and not a line of goods.”



new from Bill Campbell ~ Pennsylvania

Flambeaux Art Pottery

Flambeaux glazes are known for their subtle color variations, random occurrences and impressionistic appearance.  This surface infuses each piece that it touches with a mystery and power that captures the unpredictability of nature.

Your imagination will find floating galaxies, frosty windows, rare gemstones or exotic flowers. No two will ever be alike.  Each piece is a singular and original work of art to be enjoyed for many generations.

6" trivet soup bowl 6" small bowl coaster slaw bowl quiki bowl casserole baking dish pasta bowl medium nova bowl fish dish salad plate wine cooler large trumpet vase bread and oil plate 7 x 5 square serving bowl dinner plate luncheon plate sushi plate cookie plate butter dish french bread server veggie tray oval platter classic saucer and round mug french bread server teabowls bud vases, small classic vase 17" round mirror

Richard Aerni / Rochester.New York


I am a full-time potter working in an urban studio in Rochester, NY. I produce single-fired, wood ash glazed functional stoneware, selling out of my showroom, at art fairs and at galleries all around the country.

I learned my craft in a community studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, rather than in an academic institution, as is common today. Surrounded by extremely talented and generous potters, I learned much of what I needed to know to earn my living. Michael Frasca, Brenda Brown Tarbell, Michael Astalos, Bob Hasselle and Pam Korte are just a few of the folks to whom I owe a large debt of gratitude. It was a good way to learn, without academic term deadlines and able to absorb and progress at my own speed.

~Richard Aerni



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